31 thoughts on “India vs. Australia – Highlights | AVC Men's Tokyo Volleyball Qualification 2020

  1. Im not from india but i feel proud seeing them play so well. Good to see the presence of asian teams being felt in the volleyball scene

  2. The highlights are a little biased in favor of India? Mostly are about India's points, if I didn't know the result I might have thought India won.
    But both teams played well.

  3. I can't believe it, these two countries are so big but this isn't a international level volleyball match .
    State levels are more competitive than this .

  4. Woah indian volleyball must gone through some catharsis.

    i must admit, once set up for the right growth, india n it's people grow like being gifted with supernatural prowess

  5. Okay guys I was really wishing that India one day could have qualified for Tokyo
    But after seeing this match
    I can confirm

    Paris will be having Indian volleyball team

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