1. you have helped me progress so much in my basketball career but i am unsure that i will make D1 Basketball, do u have any tips for a kid like me

  2. I gave up college basketball after 1 season. Decided to dedicate to engineering. Courses started getting harder coach informed I had to make a decision. Talked to my dad in reality the coach said the scholarship was for 2 years with no redshirt option (I didn't live up to specific expectations…they needed a 2 way point guard in a nearly no-pass system which lacked room for creativity) I decided to opt out and got the 2nd year of college free to which I worked and went to school to save for the next 2 years. Made it out almost debt free, got a MS and been working as a data engineer for 7 years now. Its not for everyone but I tip my hat to D1 athletes…I was NAIA D2 athlete.

  3. You seem like a good player and person and I like how you don’t play a lot of games just so that we can see that you won bc we all lose we all win and none of us should show a win because they don’t want us to think they are bad bball but you’re team seems like a great team keep it up

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