30 thoughts on “Denver Nuggets vs Miami Heat Game 4 Full Highlights | 2023 NBA Finals | FreeDawkins

  1. Una de las mejores finales ever seen! Congratulations to Denver Nuggets and the team. Thank you to NBA for such level of sportsmanship! You are the best! and Miami you did well but accept Denver was better.

  2. Bring on the news on Ja Morant

    This is such a boring finale for this season.

    No competition No match.

    Bring on the outcome of the verdict on Morants suspension

    That more exciting news than this NBA finals series.

  3. The Warriors would have annihilated both the Nuggetsand the Heat

    What a boring NBA finals

    We would rather be watching Curry and Company than this match up .

  4. Total bullcrap bruh, Jokic is the MVP not embiid, stupid head Perkins just had to put a racist narrative just to make cant take accountability Embiid the MVP. Idiots bruh

  5. For non Americans the games are at AM so it’s hard to catch them live . So I watch NBA highlights since the first days of YouTube . The transition on video editing and sound is the best I’ve seen. Perfect editing. GG

  6. Miami showing meekness in the 4th. Have to make three pt plays happen and sink some threes but instead they keep frolicking around the paint not getting fouled and turning the ball over.
    The Miami cold

  7. I truly feel like the reason the Nuggets are winning it all stems back to D Wades score card for Aaron Gordon at the dunk contest.

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