22 thoughts on “2023 OTB Open | FPO FINALB9 | Pierce, Hansen, Scoggins, Beach | Jomez Disc Golf

  1. Graphics Comment: It would be cool to have the "current shot" graphic (1 2 3 4 etc.) show which shots are penalty shots. Perhaps with a red square around them.

  2. If I were Ella, I'd spend every waking moment putting. I'd get a putting coach. I'd review putting videos. I'd put during lunches. I'd require friends and family, during off times, to hang out with me while putting. The only reason Ella isn't dominating everything is because her putting is a disaster. It's the only weak part of her game, and it's very very weak.

  3. Even if she said it wasn't a great day for her, Paige showed us all again what her Champion level looks like in play and in just overall being a human being.

  4. Congrats, Paige. You are a class act. Honestly, disappointed by the tour and 33 FPO players. Disc golf should be leading the way on this issue

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