32 thoughts on “CRAZY GAME! Miami Heat vs Cleveland Cavaliers Final Minutes ! 2022-23 NBA Season

  1. dont know why, not an eastern conference person, but ive always rooted against the heat. hated them in the 90s versus knicks, hated that they got late prime shaq for nothin in the aughts, then rooted against the heatles, and now i just find jimmy so annoying on the court. great, but in an ugly annoying way

  2. As a member of the white delegation i would like to propose a trade sending Cody Zeller to the G league for Mac McClung to represent us lol

  3. When Jimmy fouled Mitchell and there were like 5 seconds left in the game, the broadcaster sounded very surprised and even a bit worried….. like why? Thats what you do in basketball.

    I have noticed not all teams in NBA doesnt foul when leading by 3 but I just dont get that. Only reasonable thought I've had is that maybe its some kind of unspoken thing that the teams are willing to give fans what they want. But if you're only playing for the W, that is exactly how you should play the last 5 seconds when leading by 3.

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