19 thoughts on “I Built a Golf Course for my Dad!

  1. “building a golf course” sorry mate u didn’t build anything, simply put 2 holes in the ground. Not hating, great gesture for ur dad.

  2. i would move in and flight out there im not going to lay i just got sober im a ex alcoholism and i like everything that you do and i ride pit bike and i am a ex life grand i would love to room with you and have fum amd i am training to get my twitch up on game but i love to help and im all the way in and i well play rent myyy boy and i been watch yall sents you lived at your moms house

  3. Dude my grandma lives done the street I saw your new house I would love to be your room mate even though I am 15 but I did use to race dirt bikes

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