2 thoughts on “Bangayan wills UE in the 4th set | UAAP Season 85 Women’s Volleyball

  1. I hope the coach of UE could read this. Please make Cepada the first open spiker. Then, bangayan could be an alternative second open spiker. I wish to see Cepada and Bangayan tandem just like Adamson Almonte and Santiago tandem.

    Then, put Nieva back in the Opposite position or Llana.

    Please improve the middles. I hope to see slide attack or running attacks from the middles and quick plays. Good thing the middles were able to contribute in this game.

    The setters and liberos are equally exceptional. They just need the winning mindset. I hope to see UE beating UP, FEU and Ateneo in the second round and give a good game against DLSU, UST and Adamson. Indeed, the 23-25 point in the first set against DSLU is a shocking. They could have one set against DLSU if in that game the wing spikers could have been effective.

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