19 thoughts on “GRIZZLIES at CAVALIERS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | February 2, 2023

  1. Ok so Mitchell got ejected and they still won . Look at the score … imagine if Mitchell didn’t get ejected . They probably won triple that score .

  2. The only thing Im able to confirm coming from Memphis staff is that the surgery was successful in removing the foreign object from morant's cervix

  3. Memphis grizzlies team needs two more shooters they have 9 good players 5 rookies they need to send williams back to the NBA G League Williams take to many threes a game his a bad three points shooter he needs to drive to the hoop

  4. Glad the Cavs won on national TV. That low blow by Brooks on Donovan was uncalled for. Mitchell is already suffering from an injured groin as it is. Why make it worse? However, both players got ejected for fighting.

  5. Tbh South America and India have a lot more killings it’s just not shown as much as black ppl are shown shooting you may see it on Reddit and stuff but it always gets removed from YouTube. Makes you wonder why black killings can stay up but any other race doing it is removed

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