38 thoughts on “MAVERICKS at SUNS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | January 26, 2023

  1. Too bad the media will spend more time talking bout Lukas injury then how great Spence D played tonight!! SMDH

  2. Vintage Spence D man he could be getting these type of numbers more often if he was involved more but u see when it's his time he still got that nets days type of scoring power!!

  3. Luka Dončić makes us a worse team you can just tell the Mavericks players please play different when he’s out so much better

  4. They been in fear of the Apocaluka since the playoff times. He hurt his leg from traveling and you still lose.
    Dinwiddie peep you shook

  5. The Mavericks are a better team than the Suns. Take out the two best players. Thats the real test. lf Kleber had been in as well this wouldve been a rout.

  6. I hope this isn’t too much to ask the Mavs to do in the postseason while Luka is there with them. They do not have to have these numbers but stay efficient

  7. Good for Dinwiddie stepping up and giving a great performance! Mavs get their first win this season without Doncic.
    Now you can trade Luka to Denver for a couple of bags of Fritos. You don't really need him.

  8. Lee needs more minutes, they dum as hell. I don't see the Mavs beatin the Suns this time aroun, they barely won, so imagine if they had DB, I know Luka left the game but Spencer not droppin 36 alongside Luka, he woulda had like 15, DB creates opportunities for his teammates just like CP3, as well as scorin, I get the Mavs not only stunned the Suns but they stunned us all, they had Brunson back then, they don't now, Spencer has been eh this year, Brunson has been the best Knicks cause he's been consistent, this is a good win for the Mavs, wonder who will win the season series & who will win the 3rd game between em

  9. I absolutely love this, beating that trash Suns team without Luka. Bridges was acting tough, like the Suns tend to do, so hold that L. Great game by Dinwiddie, Let's Go Mavs!!!

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