19 thoughts on “NBA All-Star Reserves Announcement!

  1. Let's be real, the way all stars are selected needs some work:

    1. Rosters should not be selected by conference: The number of all-star caliber players in each conference is always different, and guys get left out because of it. The final teams after the draft are conference-less anyway, makes no sense to select by conference.

    2. Selections need to be position-less. Why relegate ourselves to 2 guards and 3 forwards and centers? It's stupid, someone always gets left out because of this.

    3. Increase the roster size of both teams to an actual NBA team's roster size, 15: There's more quality players in the league right now than ever before. There were no big snubs this year, but many all-star caliber players still got left out. Harden, Garland, Brunson, Butler, Trae Young, Porzingis, Siakam, Fox, Anthony Edwards, etc all missed out because the roster is so small.

    4. Fix the fan voting for starters: The general public voting on anything online is always going to be a disaster. I.H's vid "Any poll's a goal" explains perfectly. Big market teams will always get more votes for players who don't deserve it, and the bot-boosting of votes is still a problem. Wiggins should have never been an all-star last year but because of the fan vote he got in. Wiggins, Draymond, Looney, Klay, Westbrook, Banchero clearly shouldn't be all stars this season but they still get so many fan votes. Either decrease the percent the fan's affect from 50 to 25, or scrap the fan vote altogether and leave it to players and media.

    5. Voting for starters should begin later in the season: Why does fan-voting have to start on Dec. 20th when players have barely played 25-30 games so far in an 82 game season? It's ridiculous.

    6. Games played per player should matter more. Someone who played 47 games should make it over someone who played 29 games but played slightly better than them. It's stupid.

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