23 thoughts on “Stephen A. reacts to Kyrie Irving’s trade request | NBA Today

  1. The only bad thing about Kyrie is Stephen A. KD asked for a trade and he wasn’t labeled by Stephen A for it. Stephen A is clearly in bed with white power media agenda to ruin Kyrie’s career. Kyrie has played more games in BK than KD who stays injured.

  2. Lol…. Kyrie is going to finish his career in Dallas. Dallas will win a championship and the rest is history. Have fun in the DFW area!!

  3. Irving is the one Duke player that made the best decision to go pro after one year. He's talented. But his mentality and brittleness over shadow his game. In an 82 game season, it's difficult for him to play 70 without injury or saying something off the wall that gets amplified. He needs to play his game and stay low key like John Wall.

  4. I wish kd could team up with dame and could bring Ben Simmons. That’s all Portland needs u can have draft picks and everything else except dame and Payton jr and possibly Simmons

  5. Safe to say KD is already selling his condo is Brooklyn. This Nets run has been very underwhelming, they should just trade him too for a ton of picks.

  6. Atleast we know now kd can't win a championship without warriors. Kyrie can't win one without LeBron so Steph curry and Lebron are the best in the world players need those 2 now as a warrior fan I think kyrie will get a championship with Luka because Luka is similar to LeBron

  7. He didn't get the demon juice shot and was essentially punished and was also crucified by upper management within his organization for erasing a tweet that offended some because of his religious beliefs, I don't blame him one bit. Seems like at least he stands on his convictions and everything around him is the distraction. Stephen A has always had a sincere hatred for Kyrie because of these things, especially with the demon jab, AKA stupid juice. Everyone has a job to do I guess.

  8. Stephen A is clown and buffoon all while being a big distraction. Kyrie is a grown man and is handling his business.

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