19 thoughts on “Kareem Reacts to LeBron James Breaking NBA Scoring Record | NBA on TNT

  1. 5:47
    I grew up a baseball fan, in high school I got into football, but basketball has to be the most beautiful game ever played. It's like poetry, the ultimate form of expression with every dunk, layup, crossover, and every shot

  2. Please STOP, Kareem!!!
    Kareem, really doesn't sound like he's convinced Lebron's career is better than his own, but someone has convinced him to just go along with it, enjoy the ride; the publicity, applauds, fan appreciation for your outstanding career achievements, that's long overdue & you have deserved!
    Lebron James passing him as the New All-time Scoring Leader, (it is what it is…unless they find out Lebron used steriods, enroute to getting this amazing feat)!!!
    Lebron was given the green light by the NBA to do whatever to win, including jumping from team-to-team-to-team-to-team, whining constently for "more help" like a big baby, in order to stack his teams, and every superstar player on his teams, should sacrifice their talents & skills so he could get the Kareem's record!!!

  3. I think Kareem would have loved it if someone else broke it like Jordan, Durant, Steph or Kobe, I think it hurts him that it was Lebron because secretly he doesn't really respect him

  4. I remember Kareem commenting about the record in regards to his sky hook. He said something to the effect of "I got the record because of that shot. Young players could learn and master that shot and have the scoring record, but no one wants to do it. It's not sexy, it's not powerful."

  5. At age 38 LeBron James broke Kareem Abdul Jabaar's 38 year old record by scoring 38 points which put him at 38,388 career points!
    On the 38th day of the year.
    Go Figure!

  6. So by Comparison, Y'all Arguing that Karl Malone is the 3rd Best Player of All Time? L. R. JAMES IS ONE OF THE ALL TIME GREATS. <—- Plural.

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